DMX Recoder/DMX512 Recorder

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It is a small DMX recorder be used for small installation places
such as disco, club, private party etc. Its advantage is not only
price but also covenient to be used. It is really very easy to
operate even you know nothing about DMX512 console.
When you want to just install 2 or 3 intelligent lights and it is
too expensive or comprehensive to use a normal DMX console,
you can use any standard DMX console to prepare some
programmes first and then download to our Easy console to
run intelligent lights Max. 7 different programmes can be

Technical Info.
▪ Choose 1 among the 7 different programmes
▪ Change the speed of the sequence of the programme
▪ Run the programme normally or automatically
▪ stop the programme
▪ Storage up to a maximum of 7 different programmes
up to a maximum of 127 cues for each programme.
▪ It accept up to a maximum of 512 DMX channels
▪ The programmes are stored in a flash memory 4Mb
▪ DMX in/out: 3 pin male/female XRL
▪ Power input: DC9V 1000mA
▪ Size: 250mmX150mmX100mm
▪ Weight: 1.5Kg

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