What is your minimum order size?

1. For a mixed order, minimum order size is value USD3,000 based on INCOTERM price term EX WORKS.
2. Each model has its requirement on minimum order quantity (M.O.Q.) . You can check its details on our website and/or pricelists.
3. Requirements on both minimum order size and minimum order quantity (M.O.Q.) are only applicable to repeat order,trial sample order excludes.
4. In case repeat order size less than USD3,000, then extra handling charge USD100.00 should be needed.

What is your payment term? Do you accept credit card payment?
Sorry, any cheques or credit cards are not acceptable to us. In most occasions we accept payments as follows. For more payment details discussion, please contact our Sales Team.

1. By 100% T/T in advance.
2. At least 30% deposit by T/T, the balance 70% T/T before shipment.(in case order value no less than USD10,000)

Attn please, we are not in the position to accept the following payments:

1. D/A
2. O/A
3. Cheques
4. Credit Cards

How long a lead time do you need for an order?

1. Lead time subjects to order size, normally 30-45 days after receipt of payment.
2. Also taken into consideration are three main breaks annual here.
1st break: 10-day-long Chinese Spring Festival in Jan/Feb;
2nd break: week-long May Day Holiday from May 1st until 7th;
3rd break: week-long Chinese National Day from Oct. 1st until 7th.

From which ports do you ship cargos?

1. Almost all products are delivered from Shanghai or Ningbo or Guangzhou ports that close to our manufacturing bases. Most of deliveries are made by sea. Cargo can also be shipped by air, in case air-freight is economical and acceptable to our customers.
2. Shipments can be FOB any China Ports, or can be CFR or CIF any main ports in the world, as long as ship/air lines go there.

Do you accept OEM order? Can you put our logo/trademark on your products and packages?

Normally, we provide fixture  with neutral production and packing. If you want us to put your logo or trademark on products and packages, then you must meet our OEM minimum order quantity(i.e.M.O.Q.) requirements. The OEM M.O.Q. for a definite model number is subject to negotiation with us. And a reasonable charge should occur if you need us to print any labels or logo for you. After getting the written authorization comes from you, we can make the logo/trademark as per your design and instructions.

Do you offer samples?

Yes, we offer samples to our customers in most occasions, with cost of samples and postage/courier charge/shipping cost to be taken by the customer.

In case products packed in wooden cases/crates, do you fumigate before shipment?

Yes, each lot is fumigated before shipment and we can issue a certificate evidencing this procedure. Should you need an official fumigation certificate issued by a competent authority, we can act accordingly. The extra charge will be for your account.

What is your policy for claims?

Claims if any, concerning the goods shipped shall be filed within 30 days after arrival at destination, supported by an inspection report issued by competent authority. It is understood the sellers shall not be liable for any discrepancy of the goods shipped due to causes from which the insurance company, shipping company, other transportation organization or post office are liable.